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Canoeing Once a vital form of transport, canoeing has evolved over the years to become of
Climbing Climbing is a sport in which an individual ascends a sheer-faced artificial or rock wall.
Rock Climbing
Diving American naturalist William Beebe neatly summed up the magic of scuba diving when he said
Snorkeling, Underwater Photography Diving, Wreck Diving
Kayaking Kayaking is travelling across water in a small boat under your own steam using a
Kitesurfing The Legaignoux brothers, Dominique and Bruno invented the sport a mere twenty something years ago.
Freestyle Kitesurfing, Kitesurf Waveriding
Paragliding Paragliding is one of the few ways humans can fly without the use of an
Rafting The sport of whitewater rafting has been around since the 1960s, and unlike most other
Skiing Skiing can be traced back to the BC years. Two planks of wood attached to
Snow Kiting You may have heard of kitesurfing, but it's likely you'll be more familiar with snowboarding.
Snowboarding Snowboarding has come a long way from the days of tying a plank of plywood
SUP In Hawaii they call it "Surfing with Aloha". Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is an emerging
Surfing A sport with many subsections; shortboarding, longboarding and tow in. Then there's cold water or
Body Boarding
Trekking Trekking is a long, hard walk on foot, usually somewhere off the beaten track. Somewhere
Wakeboarding Wakeboarding is a combination of sports laced together. Like tow in surfing except you never
Water Skiing Invented in the early nineties by 18-year old Ralph Samuelson who figured if you can
Windsurfing Originating in Pennsylvania, USA, Newman Darby invented and began selling sailboards. Today's windsurfing board is


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