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You do not have to be a mountaineer to enjoy an active holiday in the Alps. Switzerland is host to the finest terrain, which provides enough variety to suit every taste. Trekking is the perfect way to spot some wildlife whatever the season. Some of the most interesting routes can be found around Matterhorn, which allows you to traverse into the Italian Alps and down to the picturesque Gressoney Valley. The massif of Grand Combin, reaching an altitude of 4314m at its peak, is an excellent alternative to busier trails. If you would like to re-live a piece of history then the Haute Route is what you are looking for, a legendary route first taken by British climbers at the end of 19th century.

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Biking If you are seeking to get your heart rate going then it's time to take
Skiing Skiing and snowboarding is a huge craze, with resorts hosting lessons for all abilities and
Snow Kiting If you are looking for something that is exciting, unbelievable and wild then feast your

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