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From beginner to expert the tuition and guidance available ensures an enjoyable experience. As a beginner instructors will take you step by step through how to ride waves on knees, skis and finally to progress to boards. This process allows your confidence to build along with your skills. For experts, video coaching is great to improve technique. Antalya has a wake park which means whatever the time of year the conditions are always going to be perfect.

  • Acrux Travel

    Acrux Travel Agency was established in 2011 as a member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel A...

  • Polarwest

    Polarwest A.S. has been carrying on business in tourism sector since 1996. Our agency, which is the ...

  • VIP Windsurfcenter

    The VIP wind surf center is the only school in Ortakent bay that is publicly available and open to a...

  • Hip-Notics Cable Park

    Located on the southern coast of Turkey is the beautiful city of Antalya, where summers last for eig...

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Kitesurfing On the Aegean Sea, Alacati provides consistent year-round winds and a large flat, shallow coastal

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