Pro Bucket Lists: Bungy Jumping Legend AJ Hackett

Pro Bucket Lists: Bungy Jumping Legend AJ Hackett

Everyone has a bucket list. But let’s face it, it’s the bucket lists of people who are known for their adventurous attitude that are of most interest. So, knowing this - and that taking a bungy jump is a popular list entry - we thought: "Let's ask AJ Hackett what five activities are on his list!"

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AJ Hackett - Bungy Jumping / Flickr - Meslow2

AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch pioneered bungy jumping in the late 1980's and since then they have helped thousands of people take the leap of faith around the world.

Not surprisingly, he's still looking to jump from even higher…

AJ Hackett's Bucket List

Ski & Snowboard with my children in the Kamchatkas - East Russia

An intriguing destination not commonly frequented by the adventure sports community, Kamchatka is part Russian mainland, part peninsula. Two mountain ranges dominate, as do its 28 active volcanoes! There's incredible backcountry skiing to had across the Pinachevo Pass and lots of thermal water pools to enjoy. Interesting choice.

Climb Mt Blanc

Bungy Jumping, AJ Hackett, Ski, Snowboard, east Russia, Kamchatkas, Pinachevo Pass, Mt Blanc, Chamonix, Gili Islands, Indonesia, Heli Bungy

Bungy in Bali Image: © AJ Hackett International

Long-time favourite of mountaineers and explorers, Mt Blanc is a tough mountain. Skiers in Chamonix will be familiar with its towering presence but rarely try an ascent. At 4810m, Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe. Best get training hard for this one!

Surf our new top secret surf spot in the Gili Islands regularly.

Indonesian delight. Away from the party parts these islands are untouched. Turtle haven, no cars, incredible diving and surf (not sure where). A secret spot, sounds tempting…

Drive a Racing Car

Adrenaline junkie! Obviously if he's happy chucking himself (and others) off buildings, towers and bridges, it's likely he's still looking for some high-speed kicks. But what's it to be? F1, NASCAR, or Touring Car?

Bungy Jumping, AJ Hackett, Ski, Snowboard, east Russia, Kamchatkas, Pinachevo Pass, Mt Blanc, Chamonix, Gili Islands, Indonesia

Turquoise water plus extreme sports should be in your bucket list. Image: Flickr/ sektordua

A 2-3km-high Bungy from a Russian Helicopter

Ok, now we are getting a little mental. But, if you've learnt anything about AJ, it's that he's still looking to take things higher!

I recently interviewed AJ asking him about the history of bungy and just how high he could take things. Check out Still Jumping: Bungy Inventor AJ Hackett Interviewed for more info and a vid where he explains how it all started.

And did you know he so very nearly managed to bungy from the Statue of Liberty, only to be foiled after an elaborate clandestine operation paddling across the harbour?

There's some exciting moves afoot in Russia and Singapore, so watch out for more news on the future of bungy jumping and more details on his madcap adventures.

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