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New Zealand is an island nation is the south-west Pacific Ocean. It is made up, primarily, of two islands: the North Island and the South Island. Each is distinctly different, but both have virtually unlimited natural beauty. The mountains, forests and lakes of the South Island, contrast wonderfully with the sandy beaches and rolling grassland of the North.

Each feature presents opportunities for play and relaxation, adrenaline and tranquillity, and the chance for ultimate adventure travel. However, New Zealand provides not only for the extreme sports devotee, but also for those searching after a slower pace, who wish to leisurely absorb the fragrances of Kiwi life.

The North Island boasts the capital attractions of Auckland, the majestic beaches; the eclectic, resonating sidewalks of Wellington; and the wine production and art deco ambiance of Napier.

The South Island is a more prominent tourist destination due to the stunning views on offer. Famous now for being the filming location for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it is the perfect setting for adventure.

Temperate and ever-changing, New Zealandês climate is completely different to its Pacific neighbour Australia. The more northerly, the more likely you are to find sunshine and warmth, but rain is expected everywhere. Snow is possible too, especially on the South Island and in winter.

New Zealand hosts nearly every landscape found in the natural world: from giant sand dunes to raging volcanoes, surf-drift blown beaches to lucid lakes, and thermal springs to morose, meandering rivers encompassed by shadowy native forests. It even has its own chain of islands.

Classic Itineraries

There are plenty of ways to explore New Zealand. You can focus on the North or South Island, or even get the best of both. You can land in Auckland on the north-west side of the North Island and head straight to the Northlands for the most dramatic, pre-historic looking scenery. The beaches and wineries are worth your time too. On the South Island, venture into the beautiful wilds of the national parks or invigorate your trip with some whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Other Activities

No matter what gets your adrenaline flowing, New Zealand will have a way to push your limits. Try cage diving with gigantic sharks, jet skiing on the gentle waves or zorbing down the verdant hills. Take some time out to relax too with serene activities such as golf, fishing, or even swimming with playful dolphins.

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Activities in New Zealand

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