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In the west of the Caribbean Sea is colourful Jamaica. It is the third largest island in the Caribbean and has a rich and interesting history. It was under Spanish rule until the 17th century when it became a British colony. Now independent, Jamaica also draws strongly from African influences.

When you think about Jamaica, your mind is probably drawn to sunshine, rum and Bob Marley. These things are important, but there is so much more Caribbean culture to take in. The reggae rhythms of capital Kingston lead down to sandy beaches and warm seas.

Jamaica is a classic dream holiday destination. With waves begging for watersports and miles of countryside to explore inland, it doesnêt matter if youêre looking for thrills, relaxation or a bit of both. Come to Jamaica and see what the fuss is about.

Surrounded by the clear water and calm, consistent waves of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is an island paradise. The majority of the large settlements are dotted around the coast, tied in to some of the most perfect beaches in the world.

Negril in the west and Falmouth in the north are both popular for their beautiful bays. Kingston is a vibrant hub of Jamaicaês culture, while much of the southern coast is characterised by towering limestone cliffs and beaches with unusual dark sand.

Head inland and youêll be treated to the sights of the Blue Mountains. These eastern hills are perfect for hiking, and reach a highest point of 2,256m.

Jamaicaês climate is tropical, so while you can expect hot sunshine all year round, donêt be surprised by flash showers from May to November. Itês windier around this time too, and as long as you avoid the hurricane season, it is the perfect time for watersports.

Classic Itineraries

Fly in to the cultured capital Kingston. This is the place to experience the fascinating modern Jamaican culture at its best. There are all sorts of museums and art galleries found around the city centre, one that is particularly worth a visit is the Bob Marley Museum, for an insight into a national Jamaican legend. There are beaches here if youêre looking to relax, but the more adventurous may head north to Montego Bay or Falmouth.

Both these port towns offer brilliant opportunities for watersports. Falmouth in particular is famous for its windsurfing and kitesurfing spots.

If youêre interested in the scenic areas of inland Jamaica, itês probably a good idea to head to the Blue Mountains. These rolling green hills are one of the most beautiful spectacles in the Caribbean. It makes a lovely contrast to the beach and ocean youêll be familiar with.

And a holiday in the Caribbean wouldnêt be complete without scuba diving. Negril might be the top location in Jamaica, with a wealth of pretty sea life and diverse dive sites.

Other Activities

There are a plethora of watersports in Jamaica. At the beach you could go surfing or jet skiing, while in land Jamaica has rivers perfect for white water rafting. Donêt forget about the leisure activities on the ocean too. Go sailing, or cast out a fishing line from the dock.

The centre of Jamaica is surprisingly green and rocky. There are some great opportunities for trekking your way to beautiful scenic sights. And if youêre a fan of horses, why not have some equestrian fun, another way to take in the scenery.

Activities in Jamaica

Diving If you could pick the perfect ingredients for scuba diving you'd choose: clear, warm water,
Kitesurfing One of the most dynamic and fastest-growing sports in the world has become something of
Windsurfing Jamaica should be a hotspot for windsurfing. Head to this Caribbean joy in the springtime,

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