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Located in the heart of central Europe, the land-locked nation of the Czech Republic offers visitors a rich and varied landscape to explore. The Moravian Gate presents a diverse topography that splits northern Europe and the river Danube to the south. During ancient times, this vast expanse of land was a military and trade route passage.

Modern travelers can explore the castles and chateau of southern Bohemia and many beautiful spa towns, not to mention the inexhaustible delights of Prague.

Since the collapse of communism during the •Velvet Revolutionê of 1989, the possibilities of adventure travel have increased year-on-year in the country.

The contrasting terrain contributes to the variation of climate in the country. This is seen in the rolling plains of Bohemia, with plateaus enclosed by low, mountainous regions, to the hills of Moravia towards the southern region of the country. Trekking is an enjoyable way to explore the terrain throughout the year.

The Czech Republic is characterized by relatively hot summers and cold, snowy winters. This reflects the competition of milder, wetter Atlantic weather with the more extreme Russian systems from the north. In Prague, highs of just 10C greet visitors in January - extra layers are a must around this time of year.

Classic Itineraries

Prague is a must for any traveller to the Republic. The Charles Bridge acts as a focal point to the cityês monuments, and is itself a mightily impressive structure. Other unmissable historical areas include Prague castle, Old Town, and the Gothic St. Vitus cathedral, which looms over the Mala Strana district.

After a morning spent dizzily admiring the five hundred or so towers and spires, why not unwind with a refreshing glass of world-renowned beer? Various beer gardens and small pubs can be found throughout Prague, while those looking for a more lively night out should head towards Wenceslas Square in the capitalês New Town.

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