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Anyone looking for a thrilling adventure in a far and unknown land should learn about Tunisia. A distant land of wide, scorching expanse sits at the most northern point of Africa. It might only be about the same size as England, but its contrasts of colour, sea and spices are substantial enough to fill a country twice its size.

Sharing boundaries with Algeria to the south and Libya to the north, as well as being at the very centre of Mediterranean Africa, it has become a popular holiday destination for honeymoons and family resorts over the years. However, if you come and only pay attention to the white, sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue sea, you're missing out, as there are numerous ways in which you can enjoy this mystical and underrated land.

Despite its relatively small size, Tunisia has great geographical and climatic diversity, combining sunny beach holidays with the intensely hot Sahara. Most of its coastline faces eastwards on the Gulf of Gabes, which receives much of its Mediterranean climate; making it a popular holiday destination all year round. As well as visiting the golden sands of the Sahara, visitors to Tunisia have the glorious option of trekking in The Dorsal - an extension of the Atlas Mountains, making it possible to avoid the clammy sands. If this is your vibe then north of the Dorsal is the Tell, a region characterized by low, rolling hills and plains which is a must any time of year. The temperatures of Tunisia are stable all year round, but with higher temperatures in the summer.

Classic Itineraries

Fly to Tunis. Find yourself a suitable hotel for a few nights. Immerse yourself in the vibrant capital of Arabic culture. Sip mint tea with locals, shop for famous Tunisian wool and donêt forget to check out the Cathedral of St Vincent.

Tunisê fortunate location on the Mediterranean coast means travelling to many beautiful beaches is within a short distance. Excursions to the astonishing city of Hammamet are popular for water sports and swimming as well as the coastal town of Nabeul. A holiday of combined adventure and culture is waiting for you in Tabarka where you can fully exploit the deep blue sea on a diving exploration.

Tunis is a definite travel destination for those who have a thirst for a cultural adventure. Itês worth spending at least a few weeks in this exciting land and travelling around as much as possible.

Other Activities

Despite the dare devil thrills of deep sea diving or wind surfing, the seas of Tunisia are also enjoyed by travellers who tone down their activities, preferring instead to cruise the days away. Cruise the Med or join fishing boats and go at your own pace. Being the second most popular destination for water sports, the deep sapphire waters of the Mediterranean provides visitors the perfect aqua experience.
The northern coast and the Cap Bon divide into deep waters, so if you tire of fishing, dive overboard in the surrounding sea and swim with the coral below. For a country so close to Europe, Tunisia should be on every travellerês must-see list.

Activities in Tunisia

Kitesurfing Something which probably doesn't spring to mind when you think of Tunisia is kite surfing.
Windsurfing Windsurfing is a popular sport amongst tourists in Tunisia. During the summer months the wind

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