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With experiences and cultures as varied as anywhere in the world, if you canêt find it in the US, you probably canêt find it anywhere. The expansive heart of North America is home to the virtually every type of climate and terrain imaginable; the opportunities are endless for any adventurer.

Too much for any single holiday, the US has multiple distinct territories to explore. The east coast is home to the stunning scenery of New England and the diverse North Carolina, which borders the Atlantic Ocean, while the west features the peerless California and the Pacific coastline. Colorado and gigantic Texas dominate the middle, with remote Hawaii and Alaska providing a respective tropical haven and snowy wilderness.

You can find whatever you are looking for in the US. The blistering summer heat in the west is matched by the more temperate and less predictable east, with cool winds and rain more often. Here the prolonged winters afford the opportunity for snow sports to continue long throughout the year.

The Rocky Mountains reach their peak at 4,399m in Colorado, while the 3,700km long Mississippi River tears through the middle states. Sandy beaches can be found on both coasts, and numerous mountain ranges afford the prospect of unique snowboarding and skiing experiences.

Classic Itineraries

The US is huge; some states are the size of countries, and thereês no way you can fit everything in. Travellers tend to pick a certain area they find most appealing and experience all the best it has to offer.

In the west, the casinos and glitz of Las Vegas and celebrity-packed California are renowned for their city-break appeal. See the famous •Hollywoodê sign or San Franciscoês Napa Valley vineyards. You could spend a whole holiday taking advantage of the easy living and fantastic weather. Thereês plenty to offer the thrill seeker, though; alongside the metropolitan centres lays untouched wildernesses home to coyotes, black bears and mountain lions.

Sightseeing in New York City and the leafy New England states makes for a fantastic break. The marshlands of Cape Cod and the romantic Acadia National Park are especially stunning in the autumn. Indulge on the sandy beaches of the Atlantic shore or marvel at the more extreme activities.

With the US border with vibrant Mexico to the south there is certainly a shared culture; the infamous Š—…Tex-Mexê cuisine and music, providing a colourful contrast to classic US living. Along the border, the gushing Rio Grande offers opportunities for both high-octane water sports and gentler pastimes.

The intermountain states are dominated by the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains. This scenic area can provide you with a tranquil tour of spectacular views, or thrill you with its endless array of adventures.

Other Activities

The US provides a spectrum of entertainment and excitement, no matter if youêre looking for relaxation, fun or adventure.

In sunny Florida, there are countless theme-parks with some of the worldês most thrilling roller coasters. The peak times are around Christmas and the school holidays, but if you can go out-of-season youêll still find fantastic weather, but with virtually no queues. Alternatively, explore the Everglades keeping a look out for alligators.

For the free spirit youêll find locations for bungee jumping, mountaineering, skydiving and so much more. Lively New Orleans has a broad spectrum of entertainment, especially around the Mardi Gras party season. The rich history of capital Washington D.C., and the natural marvel of Arizonaês Painted Desert, also make for a memorable experience.

Activities in United States

Biking Mountainbiking in the US can offer some unparalleled experiences, with so many options available to
Downhill Mountain Biking, Mountain Bike Trail Riding
Kayaking Kayaking in the US is what you make of it: relaxing for beginners as a
Kitesurfing The unforgettable experience of kitesurfing in the stunning clear waters of the US coast is
Skiing The largest mountain range in the US is the Rocky Mountains, running its colossal 4,800km
Snowboarding Whether you're looking for fun freeriding on the sunny slopes, or a more intense experience

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