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North of the Arctic Circle lies Sweden, the fourth largest country in Europe. Sweden is a long country, divided into Norrland, Svealand and Gotaland. Contrary to traditional conservatism and fondness for etiquette, the Swedes today are much more informal and relaxed both in lifestyle and manners. The fantastic Swedish landscape caters to all needs and whims of the heart. It is only natural for a nation, whose country contains some of Europeês last surviving areas of wilderness, to harbour passion for nature and the outdoors.

Sweden offers an immense range of activities from fishing to snowboarding, and even dog sledding! All over the country are charming towns and cities bursting with fascinating museums and great restaurants. A country with a vibrant history, a landscape offering a wealth of opportunities and a climate to be in wonder of certainly presents a challenging task of finding a better holiday destination.

Host to a remarkably varied landscape, Sweden incorporates dense forests, wonderful island getaways, idyllic lakes and snow-capped mountains. Climatically, Sweden can be split into two regions: the north and the south. Due to its unique geographical position you can experience the full range of the weather in just one visit, most notably in autumn or spring.

Southern Sweden enjoys warm summers and cold, cloudy winters without snow. In northern Sweden winters get more severe the further north you travel, and temperatures fall well below zero. The summers take on a whole new meaning, with virtually continuous daylight for several weeks between May and July. This is then the perfect setting for letting the adventurer in you out!

Classic Itineraries

When visiting Sweden you should really focus on one of three areas (the country cannot be explored in a hurry, and you wouldnêt want to). Svealand is a land of green islands and glittering bays, stunning castles and wonderful wooden towns. Its heritage predates the Vikings. Stockholm is at the centre of this great region, and is home to one third of Swedenês population! Take a boat trip through the archipelago which envelops tens of thousands of islands of all shapes and sizes, some inhabited, others not. Stockholm is the most beautiful European city and is the culture capital of Sweden. It certainly necessitates a look.

If you would like to experience the phenomenon of the midnight sun and Northern Lights, then head to Norrland. It is a vast and almost untouched region. The Norrbotten archipelago is renowned for being the sunniest place in the country and its beach resorts lure holidaymakers every year. Explore Lappland and learn about the Sami culture of reindeer herding, hunting and fishing. Here you will also find plenty of adventure sports to thrill the senses.

Gotaland is most known for its gentle, undulating landscape. It has retained a Danish atmosphere. Many castles and manor houses that feature in the countryside were built by the Danish nobility. Gothenburg is Swedenês seafaring city and its maritime past is still ever present in its streets. The history of this city and its architecture is spectacular. In the past, this was the starting point of an adventure for many Swedes. So why not begin your journey here, and feel the excitement and buzz before you embark on your own discovery of the country?

Other Activities

Since the late 1980s, the most unusual, and least permanent, hotel in Sweden has returned early every winter to the steps near the iron mines of Jukkasjarvi, Kiruna. It is the biggest ice hotel in the world and the most famous one too. Enjoy a couple of shots of coldest blue vodka by the Ice Bar and a night in a self-made igloo Š—– an experience like no other.

Swedes like to enjoy what their country has to offer to the fullest, so why shouldnêt you? Take to the water in Varmland region and float down the river Klaralven on a raft! Go ice fishing in northern Sweden! Peak season starts in April. Make sure you obtain a license first though.

Sweden is a magical and mystical country, with a multitude of pagan traditions to celebrate the coming and going of seasons. Legends, folklore and many mythical beings are part of its national identity. To partake in these festivities is to allow yourself to get lost in Sweden, it truly will be a wonderful experience so donêt hold back!u donêt need a permit to fish here.

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