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Indonesia is the worldês largest archipelago and consists of over 17,500 islands scattered across the equator. Lying between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Indonesiaês 54,000km of coastline is a watersports paradise. With secluded beaches and jungles, and a skyline dominated by cone-shaped volcanoes, the opportunities for adventure are limitless.

From cocktail swilling surfer dudes in Bali, to the tribal groups of Papua, Indonesia is home to a diverse range of people, with over 300 distinct ethnic groups populating the country. It has the worldês biggest Muslim population, although Christianity and ancestral beliefs are still celebrated, upholding the national motto •United in Diversityê. As the second most bio-diverse country in the world, Indonesiaês environment is as varied as its people. Over a third of all species are endemic, from the three-metre long Komodo dragon to Borneoês treasured orang-utans and Sulawesiês minute tarsiers.

With the •Ring of Fireê striking directly through the archipelago, Indonesia is home to more active volcanoes than any other country in the world one of the most famous being Krakatoa, which can be seen sometimes electrifying the night sky in Java.

With an equatorial climate, expect 70-90 per cent humidity and temperatures that rarely drop beneath 25C. Anytime of year is good to visit, although the driest months are from June to September, with the rainy season falling between December and March.

Classic Itineraries

Many visitors choose to base themselves around Bali, where youêll find a massive variety of easily accessible activities and decent tourism infrastructure.

Lombok, Baliês lesser known neighbour, is a short ferry ride away and offers the luxury of un-crowded beaches and quieter waters.

At the heart of Indonesia is Java - a less visited but equally stunning destination, where you can mingle with the locals while indulging in world-class surf and trekking.

Other Activities

Hiking is hugely popular in Indonesia, from rambling through rice paddies to jungle trekking and scaling dormant volcanoes. Organise village stays en-route to discover the immense variety of Indonesiaês unique customs and ethnic traditions.

Indonesia is also a popular destination for golf enthusiasts, with some of the best courses found in Bali and Java.

Activities in Indonesia

Biking Along dusty beachside tracks and rugged mountain trails, Bali offers some of Indonesia's most accessible
Diving Bali offers a massive variety of diving options, with huge coral bommies, virgin reefs and
Kitesurfing Bali is where the kitersurfers flock, with June to August dubbed as 'kite season'. Indonesia's
Surfing Indo' has been a surfers' mecca for decades but beware that some of the most

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