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Sweeping across the base of south-east Europe, mainland Greece arcs west, with several peninsulas sprawling into the Greek seas like pieces of a broken jigsaw puzzle. More than 1400 islands pepper Greeceês waters, with the Aegean Sea to the east, the Mediterranean to the south and the Ionian Sea along the west coast.

Throughout Greece, ancient relics stand beside whitewashed villages, and the throb of nightclubs can be heard alongside the stamping of traditional dance. Rugged mountains and glistening seas create alluring arenas for hiking and watersports and, for less adrenaline-fuelled days, secluded beaches, mouth-watering mezes and fresh seafood await.

With over 9000 miles of coastline and blissful beaches, world-class watersports are among Greeceês top attractions. Further inland, the rocky scrub of the interior has a unique charm and is infused with aromatic herbs, olives groves and lemon trees. One of the most mountainous countries in Europe, snow-capped Mount Olympus is its highest point (2,917m).

Much of Greece receives a Mediterranean climate, enjoying hot, dry summers followed by mild, wet winters. Temperatures can vary between regions and altitudes; northern and inland Greece experience greater extremes, while island temperatures are more moderate. On average, summers hover around 30C.

Classic Itineraries

With so much to do in Greece, the hardest decision is deciding where to go hence, chartering a yacht has become popular choice. Sought-after islands such as Rhodes, Crete and Corfu are still firm favourites, as are many of the islands in the Cyclades group. Wind-seekers should head towards locations in the Aegean Sea or Lefkada on the Ionian coast. For culture and history, Athens and Epiviros are musts.

Other Activities

With so many islands and fantastic waterways there will always be more watersports for you to try. Mornings are the time for water skiing and wake boarding in Greece, when you can take advantage of the calm breezes and flat waters. Most watersports centres offer water skiing and wakeboarding, with Lesvos, Halkidiki, Lemnos and Sivota particularly well equipped.

From May to September, the Aegean Sea is blessed by the Meltemi wind, which blows particularly strongly in Naxos and Paros (Cyclades). July and August are the windiest months, when wind speeds of over 20 knots are common. Windsurfing centres can be found throughout the Aegean, with Halkidiki, Lesvos and Lemnos particularly well equipped.

If youêre staying on Rhodes, head to Theologos beach, where the morning breezes are perfect for learners and the afternoons bring bump and jump for the more advanced. The Ionian coast receives the gentler Maistros wind, making locations such as Sivota a great place for beginners. Further south is the legendary Vasisiliki Bay (Lefkada Island). Thermal winds give the waters an afternoon boost, making it a mecca for windsurfers of all abilities.

Activities in Greece

Diving Spectacularly clear waters and abundant marine life make diving a popular pastime throughout the Grecian
Kitesurfing For first-rate conditions, head to the island of Lemnos (north-eastern Aegean). Here, the northern Meltemi

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