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Turkey is a link between Europe and the Middle East. It has, through history, been in an ideal location to rule empires from. In fact Istanbul has been the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Western Turkey is ideal for tourists and all water sports with its beautiful beaches and sheltered bays. With wonderful fresh food and friendly people there isnêt anything more you could ask of from this country.

With a coastline of 7200km and surrounded by three seas it is surprising to know that much of the land in Turkey is mountainous. The coastal strips are narrow with the Turquoise or Mediterranean coastline being known for the best sandy beaches. The inland sea of Marmara joins the Aegean and the Black seas, these have always been important strategically for trading. The Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmaran and Black Sea coastal areas make up four of the geographical areas of Turkey. They surround the inland Central Plateau of Anatolia with the east of the country being split into East and South Eastern Anatolia. These areas are made up of several mountain ranges including the Sultan, Kackur and Taurus ranges and the highest peak is at Mount Ararat at 5,165m.

The same seven regions can be used to describe the different climates of Turkey. Although it is simpler to explain that for most of the country hot, dry summers are experienced with mild, wet winters. The interior of the country has harsher weather conditions where snow can fall in the winter and last well into the summer months.

The capital of Turkey is Ankara, but Istanbul is still a major influence economically and culturally. Izmir, in the east is important commercially while Antalya in the south east is an ideal tourist base. All of these cities have international airports.

Classic Itineraries

Travel to Istanbul to see historical Ottoman architecture including the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace. Or enjoy the sights and smells of the worldês oldest and largest covered market; the Grand Bazaar.

In the south east the remains of Ephesus, an old harbour city can be found. You can walk along ancient roads, past towering pillars and learn about secret passageways and Turkish bath houses.

In central Anatolia you will find the Goreme National Park and the valley of the fairy chimneys. These rock formations are still used as homes and make a spectacular sight.

Turkey has great weather all year round making it an ideal place to come and explore whether you are on the coast or up in the mountains.

Other Activities

For other water sports try sailing or scuba diving. If you love the mountains rock climbing is a summer challenge while skiing can be a winter adventure.

Activities in Turkey

Kitesurfing On the Aegean Sea, Alacati provides consistent year-round winds and a large flat, shallow coastal

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