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Divided into four constituent countries: England; Wales; Scotland and Northern Ireland; the UK offers a challenging but rewarding landscape of environmental, cultural and societal variety. Connected to mainland Europe by the channel tunnel, which runs into France, the United Kingdom is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, English Channel, North Sea and Irish Sea.

Northern Ireland offers a more traditional Celtic feel akin to its neighbour the Republic of Ireland. But in boasting four capital cities: London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast - alongside other cultural hotbeds such as Liverpool and Manchester - the UK is justifiably a nation held in high cultural esteem throughout Europe.

The smart adventurer must be aware of one important thing. Alongside the rich heritage and regional diversity that has developed from such a unique set up, the initial challenge - before the adrenalin rush - is to get-to-grips with the plethora of dialects and national identities the United Kingdom incorporates. But rather than a tentative approach, embracing the diversity will open up the myriad of amazing activities this coastal nation has to offer.

Positioned in north-west Europe, the United Kingdomês seasonal climate is sometimes erratic. British Summer Time extends from the end of March through to October, but donêt be fooled by the name. This period incorporates a range of climates. The sun-filled months of June to August see the coastal seaside towns saturated with holidaymakers. Contrast this with the bitterly cold but beautiful autumn and spring months of October and March respectively, and you get some idea of the mixture of weather.

Towards the north of the country - notably Scotland you will find a wetter climate as you will in parts of Wales. This is not indistinguishable from the generally warmer south, though. Indeed, the risk of snow in winter and heat in summer is similar throughout the United Kingdom.

Classic Itineraries

It would take two weeks to cycle from one end of the country to the other. From the extreme north tip of Scotland at John OêGroats, to the southernmost point of the United Kingdom at Lands End in England, the UK is a total distance of 874 miles by road. With two weeks leaving little time to explore, but what better way to enjoy the UK than to ride its full length.

The sheer magnitude of activities and experiences on offer in the United Kingdom leaves no place without recommendation. For those wanting a taste of everything, from the outstanding and incomparable global city of London to the relaxed Scottish Highlands then an extended trip really is the only way to do each destination justice.

Other Activities

From English ale to Scottish malt; from Shakespeareês Globe Theatre to Edinburghês Comedy Festival; the United Kingdom genuinely does offer something for everyone. Whether you want a real tourist style experience visiting Londonês Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, or you just want to sit in a traditional English pub having a chat with one man and his dog over a beer. The wealth of experiences and adventures is unrivalled in Europe. One thing is for certain, youêll never be short of something to keep you occupied!

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